December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I shared this last year, but a couple years ago I started a new tradition of "preparing" for Christmas. I lit my tree-scented candle, drank hot chocolate and played Christmas music while decorating the apartment with bright white lights. Last year, I put up my first (big) Christmas tree which was my grandma and grandpa's from a few years ago. It was my last Christmas as a "single" girl and one that I truly cherished and am so glad I embraced it!

Now this year we have our condo to decorate and new memories to be made. Another tradition I started a couple years ago was that I buy one new Christmas CD to listen to as I decorate. This year I bought "Now That's What I Call Country Music." Please take a minute to laugh at that one! I love Country music and Christmas music...I figured I couldn't go wrong. Only problem was that Jason's not too into country so I decided not to subject him to that CD as we decorated. Plus, he wanted to watch football so while I did get to mute the TV, we just listened to other Christmas songs. (and now I have a new Christmas CD to make other new memories too this season!) So with the tree-scented candle glowing, our Christmas tunes on and sipping hot chocolate we decorated the tree together. Jason and I carried the tree up from storage and he put it together, then assembled the ornaments that have since come apart since last year (random.) and I hung them on the tree. Good team work if you ask me. The tree looks much smaller at my new home but that's because our ceiling is that much taller here! It's beautiful and reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa again, just as I remembered last year. I'm waiting to post a picture once we have the tree skirt which I had to order online that's hopefully in route as I type. I'm so excited to bring old traditions and start new ones into this Christmas season this year with Jason...and someday with children of our own. Are there any traditions you have or would like to start, I'd love to hear them!

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