December 21, 2010

We Got a TABLE!!!

We got a dining room table tonight! I feel like I should insert the word 'finally' in there but we've only been married 3 months, so I certainly didn't have to wait long! We're hosting Christmas this year and I'm going to attempt to cook Christmas dinner (with my mom's help with the ham) and we felt that we really wanted a table...and it's the piece of furniture I have on our list to buy sooner rather than later. We purchased it at a warehouse so we got it for a great price and our intent is to just hold onto it while we're living in the city, but we'll see where we end up. I am SO excited for the many memories that will be created around the new table! I hope you'll join us for dinner soon!

1 comment:

  1. YAHOO!!! Can't wait to enjoy a Sunday dinner around the new table!!!!