December 15, 2010

Sick and Sick

Last weekend I had some weird flu-like illness. I came down with it on Friday with the worst sore throat, headache and just achy all over. I went to the Walgreens Clinic (I'm a huge Walgreens fan but their clinic reminded me of my high school nurse, which is not a good thing!) and learned that it wasn't strep so was sent home to get rest. Rest I did, until Monday night. Not the most fun way to spend 4 days! I was able to get out for the Christmas service at our church and then our Registry Completion Event at Bed, Bath and Beyond (another post to come)but it was very chill for a weekend! Then a week later, both Jason and I started feeling sick (me again!) He had a sore throat so I was convinced he was getting what I had, but we both decided it's just a bad cold but it's made for a long week of work. After work, we've laid on the couch together catching up on TV series eating soup and grilled cheese. (Why when we're sick do we still have appetites? Its seems like the perfect time to lose some weight but we're both always hungry no matter how sick!) Last night we ordered in chinese (which is actually a treat...we never order in, Jason has something against ordering in and paying for taxi's...odd bird that kid is! :) We're both ready to be healthy and get out of the house at night, hoping that tomorrow will be the day!

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