May 24, 2011

Book Club Hold

Well I was really enjoying being part of the book club, however, after reading more than half the book, I seemed to have misplaced the Colorado. I am so frustrated! I had it with us when I left the rental car but then after getting to the other side of security at the airport it was MIA. I thought it was in my bag so it doesn't even make sense where it went.

So not only can I not finish the book, but now I'll owe a hefty fine to the library. Annoying. And so much for me actually finishing a book in a decent time frame! LOL

Maybe reading and me just aren't meant to be!?

May 23, 2011

Monday Randomness

Life has been kind of crazy the past few weeks but I feel like it has the right amount of balance to it!

School's been kind of a whirlwind for me. I have three classes left which I should be able to take between the next two quarters so I can student teach beginning in March. However, one of the three classes wasn't being offered. I have felt like the school has really jacked me the past few months and I've just become a "number" to them. So once I found out I couldn't get one of the three courses I needed, I arranged for a meeting with my advisor. (which has been no simple task in months past) I was told that the class would probably be offered as there is a new cluster beginning in the fall which will have that course. My advisor also calmed some other fears I have had and it seems that everything is planned to go smoothly which means I can student teach in March. Today I registered for all my classes so as long as there are enough students registered for the new cohort, all will go well on my end. Fingers crossed because I have finally reached that point where I am ready to to be done with school and start this new chapter of my life...or at least start a real job again!!

Over the weekend I have definitely gained a sense of peace for where my life is going. Its a feeling I haven't had since about 3 years ago, even before the lay-off. I will share more about that in months to come but am really excited!

Jason and I have been out of town for the past 5 days, and I am so ready to get home to our Cooper (and Sam!). We left him at a DayCare/Boarding kennel which was great for day care, but not really my cup of tea for overnight stays. I worried about the little things, like: What if he plays too hard? (especially being there for 5 days!) What if he can't sleep? What if he stops eating? Who will give him his 10 minutes of cuddling/petting time in the morning which he HAS to have? What if they feed him too much/too little?! Amazingly, I haven't worried nearly as much as I would have thought. A huge thank you to Brooke who is picking him up tonight and taking care of him until we get home. I cannot wait to hug him and see if he's grown since we dropped him off. It amazes me how sad it made me to drop him off. He's s dog. Seriously Stephanie, a DOG. What will I be like with children!?

I was able to have my goddaughter Katie spend the night last weekend. It was a blast! She was such a joy to have around! I still plan to post about our weekend together. I will just as soon as I have time. :)

My back was giving me a lot of trouble the past month, was seeing teh chiropractor every other day and once even had to go back to back. It was pretty awful so I am really excited to report that it's been pain free for over a week! I'm hoping to start riding my bike or doing something physical in the next few days!

Well that was a pretty bland post but I wanted to get a little caught up so I could start writing again!
Happy Monday!

May 3, 2011

Book Club

I am the slowest reader. Slowest. I just finished reading, The Help by Kathryn Stockett but it took me 3 months. I love getting all wrapped up in a story and not being able to put it down, but am very easily distracted and have a really hard time focusing. Being easily distracted and having a hard time focusing leads me to lose my place a lot, which leads me to get bored with the book which leads me to put the book down, which leads me to not want to start the whole cycle over again. But I LOVE reading stories and wish I could be engrossed with every one I read. The Help was super long, not because it was a hard read but because it was a lot of pages. And a lot of pages to me means it'll be a super long time before I ever finish it. But finish I did, and I loved every second of it and would highly recommend it to all your women out there.

Since I really struggle with reading but love the stories behind all the words, I was thrilled to hear about an online book club called She Reads. She Reads is basically an online book club with a timeline and discussion questions. I've known about this website for a couple years now through the devotional I get everyday through I actually read one of the books they recommended while in Mexico for our wedding, Scarred by Tom Davis and couldn't put it down. I'm really excited to join and be a part of She Reads so I'll have a timeline and group of people to hopefully help hold me accountable and help me get through this book in a timely manner. I make it sound like a chore when I say it that way, but in reality I'm really excited to have a little extra encouragement.

I went to the library tonight and got my copy of Words by Ginny L. Yttrup and it is my hope that by the end of May I will be able to proudly report back that I have completed it with a little help from my new online "friends." Wish me luck!

BTW...Through researching the link to The Help, I discovered that it's already been made into a movie and will be out in August. How fun!