December 19, 2010

The Not-so-homemade Cookies

On the other end of the kitchen spectrum is the baking that's going on...or should I say the lack of baking that's going on. Over Thanksgiving, Judy gave Laura and I a set of Christmas cookie cutters which I was super excited to use but the only problem was that I've never baked anything from scratch and to be honest, I've managed to burn plenty of boxed brownies and tubes of chocolate chip cookies. I decided to keep my chin up and try to make some sugar cookies. That weekend when we got home I found a pre-made bag of sugar cookie mix at Dominicks and bought it so I could use the cookie cutters. I mixed the dough with the eggs and whatever other ingredients it called for and away I began with my rolling pin...and away went the dough all over the counter. I turned to Jason, who has numerous times bailed me out of my cooking/baking frenzies and he told me to use flour. (please note...the recipe on the plastic wrapper did NOT say to use flour...I know with homemade ones, we are to use flour but I was following it as I was supposed to.) Basically I lost interest in the cookies as soon as the mix wasn't coming apart from the cookie cutters and went to watch TV. Jason ended up finishing them. (definitely not because he was enjoying cutting out the cookies but more that I think he wanted to eat the final product!) They turned out okay but tasted awful! Neither one of us had more than a needless to say I am less than thrilled to take on that challenge again! However, after I had already bought the mix, I did get a sugar cookie recipe from Judy that is her mom's famous recipe that she uses every year so I am excited to at least give it a try. I envision having a lot of fun decorating the cookies with the frostings and holiday sprinkles I've bought so I have to give this another shot! At the very least I want to get a dozen cookies out of each of the shapes I have. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes, wish me luck! :)

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