December 19, 2010

Cooking Update!

Lots of people have been asking how my cooking has come along since I started a few months ago. I'm pleased to say that it's been going well, I have really enjoyed cooking!! A lot more than I ever thought I would. I've stuck with simple recipes so I can learn the basics but with each recipe we decide to add more or less of some ingredients and I am having so much fun with it! Lately I've most enjoyed cooking soups, I found a really good cheese tortellini soup online, last week I made my aunts minestrone soup that I love, tonight I'm attempting my mom's chicken noodle soup and later this week I'm attempting an Asian dumpling soup. It'd be a lot more fun to cook for more than just Jason and I, but I think I'm learning the best with just the two of us since I know Jason will eat almost anything I make for him! If anyone wants to come over soon while I'm still learning, we'd love to have the company and I would love for your help in perfecting the recipe, as long as you're willing to order take-out as a last resort!

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