December 29, 2010

My Christmas Cactus

I love houseplants, love them, but I can't keep them alive for anything! I've had them infested with bugs which eventually kills them. I have over-watered them, usually my favorite way of killing them. I once had a mushroom growing out of one (however, that wasn't my fault...I wasn't home for over a week and my place was all closed up and it was HOT and obviously very humid in there) A few months ago I came home to a plant upside down knocked down from the counter by Sam, who is NOT allowed on the counter. (I wish I had a camera to see all the places he goes when I'm not here) Most recently I had a plant take a fall when a book shelf crumbled to the ground and the plant went right along with it. I'm still trying to salvage parts of that one in a cup of water by the sink. I've even managed to kill several cacti before. But a couple years ago I became slightly obsessed with the Christmas catus because a girl at work had one. I eventually got around to buying one and figured with my history of plant-killing, I'd never see it bloom. You can imagine my surprise and excitement when it started blooming a couple weeks ago! Its not exactly blooming all at once, it's taking its sweet time, but that's even better, each one blooms and gets me excited all over again. I think I've found one plant I've managed not to kill, we'll see if it's still around next year at this time!

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