January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

In years past, I have written out in chronological order of all I've experienced and think it's so much fun to reflect on to see how fortunate and grateful I am, but when I think about the past year there's three huge events; I started grad school, Kaylee, my niece was born and Jason and I got married and ! Those are 3 things that many times in my life I wasn't sure was going to happen! I still can't believe I am in grad school, there's nothing I like about school and even less I like about the amount of debt it's is putting us in but am so excited for the opportunities it will hopefully bring me in the next year. And now there's Kaylee, born to the parents who thought they never wanted children, therefore making me think I'd never get to be an aunt and now I am! As for marriage, if you know my life story, you know the heartache I've experienced in the world of love and relationships. It's like I wore a big sign on my forehead begging men to break my heart. (okay maybe I took that a little too far, but it's certainly how I felt after the most recent ex.)

In March, I started taking courses at National Louis to be a teacher, a special ed teacher. I've had my fair share of career changes but this final one was not one that was by choice and I'd have never had the opportunity to even realize this passion if not for the not-so-unfortunate loss of my job in 2009. I'm in grad school, the girl who we all thought wouldn't ever get her bachelors degree...and now I'm about 1/3 way through my masters.

Kaylee, I'm so excited to be your aunt!! When I was wrapping her present this year it dawned on me that a year ago this time when I was wrapping her parents presents, I had no idea she was going to be here this year. Look how much changed in a year! Sweet girl, I am so excited to see you grow in 2011 and hope you'll always know how much you're loved!

Every day in 2010 seemed to incorporate wedding plans of some sort, whether it was registering at one of the three stores, a day spent at bridal stores looking for "the dress" and then another 20 trips back and forth for fittings, a trip to Mexico to meet with the wedding coordinator and check out the resort, a day with our photographer taking engagement pictures, one of three bridal showers, another trip to Jos A Banks to pick out the groomsmen attire, the bachelorette party or the 28th time to Michaels or Joanne Fabrics for yet another roll of purple or orange ribbon to match the dresses or whatever else those stores would lure me into buying. And then after all the wedding festivities there was the local reception in October! It was the year of all things wedding and I loved every second of it. The actual wedding day in Mexico was the best day of my life and being married to Jason has been more than an answered prayer, he is my best friend and love of my life.


As I said last year, rather than New Years Resolutions, I like to call them "positive changes." First, I posted my 2010 "positive changes"...then commented after it with the actual progress.

"Positive Changes" for 2010
  • get a job!...Babysitting Brandon wasn't quite the job I was hoping for but has been a great expereince and has taught me a lot about life and what to expect as a future mom
  • less wine...always a work in progress on this one!
  • Run the Disney 1/2 marathon in Jan '11 (or something before)...Wish I could, my back still won't let me, yet!
  • find a new serving opportunity at the church I can serve in...I began serving as part of the Guest Ministy as a greeter/usher
  • lose 10 lbs...preferably by 9/18!...yay, I did lose 10 lbs and by 9/18, too bad I put almost all of it back on again...add this back to the list for 2011! ;-)
  • begin grad school for Special Ed teaching...check!
  • Read the Bible, starting with the new testament...and finishing with the old...I read (via audio) the old and the first four book of the new
  • Cubs make it to the World Series...there will always be next year!
  • Be comfortable praying outloud...not 100% comfortable but getting there!
  • Keep a clean car (bring my mugs/cups in every day)...it's been much cleaner this year!
  • Marry my best friend...check!
  • Move back to Chicago...check!
  • convince Jason to let me get another cat ;-)...yeah, not so much...but we are getting Sam a puppy!
As always...constantly improve myself by keeping God first and respecting Jason as he needs to be respected. This year it is especially important to remember to keep God first in all of our wedding plans and as we start our lives together

For 2011 I decided to make some more personal "positive changes" which I am only writing in my prayer journal but I am also really working on the eating right, working out and drinking less wine. I have gained most of the weight back and since I really do love working out (its getting myself there that I hate) so I need to get in the habit. The gym part will be much easier with my new schedule beginning on Monday...eating and wine drinking, well that's always a challenge. :)

Happy New Year to you all, I pray it's a blessed year for all of us!


  1. Great job on your 2010 resolutions!!!!

  2. nice re-cap! i'm with you on the resolutions to eat healthier and work out, which also means less wine! ugh!