January 30, 2011


One of my biggest complaints about living in the city is the lack of storage. My first apartment was a studio which had a regular sized closet that housed my dresser and vacuum, so after my clothes and shoes, it didn't leave much room for anything else! My second apartment I got a walk-in closet, plus it was 2 rooms (living room and bedroom) so I was able to "hide" a lot more stuff! Then when I lost my job I had to move to the burbs and well that doesn't really count...I had so much space I felt lost in each room. Now that I am back in the city again, Jason and my biggest complaint is lack of storage. We live in a 2 bedroom condo with a closet for each bedroom, very very minimal storage in the kitchen, a utility closet which holds our washer/dryer and we have one storage locker downstairs. (think Christmas and other holiday decorations, gold clubs, blow-up mattress, etc.) With such limited storage we have to get creative on using every tiny bit of space we have. I shared last week that my dad and Jason installed a humidifier, well that forced us (ummm, in all fairness it was more Jason) to clean out the closet, which in turn forced us to create a way for us to use all of the closet. I can't take any credit for this, it was all Jason. He designed the space so it has shelves, baskets and even put our mini-fridge (aka, beer fridge) on a cart so we can pull it in and out so we're able to make use of the what was wasted space in the back. What most people spend a large amount of money on having someone else create, he designed and installed himself. He was even cutting up the shelving last night at Home Depot by himself. (Home Depot, leaving those tools out is just a lawsuit waiting to happen!) After a couple hours his project was complete. We have so much space in there now we don't know what to do with it all! (I'm kind of particular about storing cleaning chemicals with anything that could be used for cooking or eating.) So this post went from how excited I am about our newly designed closet to how awesome my husband is...and since I just said that a week ago, I'll have to take a break on posting Jason awesomeness for a while! I just appreciate how handy he is, and how quickly he gets a job done when we need it, kind of the polar opposite of the procrastinating me. Back to the subject...our closet rocks!! I wish I had a "before picture" because this picture alone doesn't do it justice -- Look at all that space!!

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  1. I can attest to how awesome it is to have a handy husband around!
    Organization is the best! Glad you guys got yours!