January 18, 2011

So Busy!

Yes, I'm alive. I have had so much going on the past couple weeks and haven't had time to write. I did have some exciting and fun events the past couple weeks! One is that I babysat for Kaylee for the first time 2 Saturdays ago. Shawn and Tiffany had a wedding in the city so they dropped he off on he way. We had so much fun with he and I have to say Jason was amazing with her. He helped watch her while I made dinner (in hindsight it was a really dumb night to make a new recipe), he was SO cute with her, playing with her, tickling her. What a great uncle! After Kaylee left, the house felt lonely for about a full day. Weird how she was only here a few hours but I missed her so much for so much longer!

My cousins, Karrie and Kristi and I got to go out to lunch with my grandma a couple weeks ago which was really special. I try to go out with my grandma as ofter as possible so over my break I was able to go twice. The second time I thought it'd be fun if all us girls could go. I think she had fun, but she did mention that she didn't get a word in...which for the grandma that talks more than anyone I know, that probably wasn't the best for her. I'm so thankful that she's in good enough health to be able to meet us out for lunch in the middle of winter. I really appreciate our time together!

I started classes again last week. It's completely different going to class during the day. The students are much different which makes the class environment much different. One of my biggest complaints about the learning aspect of grad school has been that so many of the students are already working in the school system at some capacity so when the teachers are explaining things, they tend to breeze right over what may seem like basic principles. But for the average student like myself who doesn't work in a school, there's so much to learn and I wish the teachers wouldn't just zip over it so quickly. Well in the last week, I've learned that the students aren't in the school system (obviously, since they're in class with me, they can't be at a school teaching as well!) So our teachers aren't just flying through topics and terms that current teachers are already aware of. As with any industry, acronyms are BIG in the school setting, so it's refreshing to hear that just about everyone is at the same level as me in my day classes and have no clue what 99% of them mean. Needless to say, I feel like I am learning so much more in these classes in just the week and a half I've been going than any of my night classes!

My book club/small group that I have been a part of since the end of October has finally finished the book we've been reading. It's was a book by Shauna Niequist called "Bittersweet." It was one of the most honest, refreshing books I have ever read. And to be part of a small group with a bunch of amazing girls experiencing a lot of the same trials that Shauna experienced and shared, we've all been able to grow a lot together personally and as a group. I thought numerous times that only God could bring such an amazing group of girls together. We really cliqued on a deep level, which with girls can be very hard to do. It was a very safe place that I looked forward to going every week. I highly recommend the book to all you girls out there! (It's worth mentioning that her first book, "Cold Tangerines" is probably better to read first...it's more about life in your 20's and Bittersweet is about life in your 30's...and for me, I think I am still experiencing a lot of what she already did in her 20's...) Our book club/small group is going to continue through April and read "Cold Tangerines" together. I'm really looking forward to growing individually and as a group!

Last weekend we went to Iowa to visit Jason's mom, Judy and stepdad, Mark. We wanted to visit her for her birthday since we weren't able to visit over Christmas but that weekend we're going to WI to pick our our puppy. (ahhh! 10 more days!!!) It was a short trip since we couldn't leave until after (Jason's) work on Friday and came back on Sunday. We went and saw some eagles along the Des Moines River then drove to Fairfield to see the Amish and went to a store in town. We went out for pizza and even got to go to the movies. (added bonus since it's like pulling teeth to get Jason to the theater...although to his credit he's been really good since we discovered the reduced tickets from CostCo.) Sunday we went to church before heading home. It was great time visiting with them!

I've started running again. I eased back into it by incorporating the elliptical and bike but after a short but good run last night I'm already having back pain tonight. I am going to hit up the chiropractor ASAP and get back on the bike tomorrow but am really hoping to nip this in the butt now. I love running so much, I hate that I can't go for a run without any pain!

There's lots going on this weekend so hopefully I'll find some time to blog about all that in individual posts...until then I hope you have a great week and stay warm!

Kaylee the night we babysat

Kaylee laughing as Jason tickled her

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  1. I love this post Steph! 10 more days till the puppy! How exciting! I am sorry about the pain running causes you, I can totally get why that would be so frustrating!

    I am very interested in reading those books you read...do you have them?