January 29, 2011

Introducing the Newest Lockwood, Cooper!!

What a fun day! As you probably know, we had plans on Saturday to pick out our puppy at noon. After thinking about the trip and the fact that our puppy was 3.5 hours away we ended up booking a hotel through priceline.com. We headed out right after work on Friday and somehow managed to miss all the traffic! We stopped a few times, once for some pizza and again at Mars Cheese Castle. (yes, both are allowed on Weight Watchers with my weekly allowance points!) We got to the hotel around 10:30. After a good nights rest, we both woke up pretty early and obviously had some time to kill so we had breakfast and ran a few errands. When we got to our puppy's home, we were greeted by who we later found out was our puppy's mom's sister. She was a goldendoodle and was SO sweet! We were then brought to the room with the puppies and had 6 to choose from. We were 3rd on the list to choose, so 2 were gone and since we were getting a boy, she took the two girls out as well. At first I thought it would be impossible to choose which puppy we'd get, but after taking them out and playing with all of them for about 30 minutes we both had it narrowed down to two. However, Jason had a preference for one and I had a preference for the other. After about 10 more minutes we both agreed on the one in the blue collar. Jason promised he was good with my choice. This little guy wouldn't leave me alone, was either crawling on my lap, or chewing on my toes, he loves to be held but also loved to play. As soon as we decided on him and told him he was ours and that his name would now be Cooper he went and laid down. It was almost like he knew he had to put on a show to win us over and now he could go rest. I took a bunch of pictures once we knew he was ours. Needless to say, we're both really excited and talked about him most of the way home. I was like a proud mother and sent pictures to many people bragging about how cute he was! We wish we could have taken him home that day but this way it does give us more time to prepare. Plus, we're still trying to figure out the best way to introduce Cooper to Sam. I'm confident they'll get along after a while but I'd like for the transition to be as smooth as possible for both animals! Only 20 more days until we bring him home!

Tiny little peanut!

So patient while I take his picture!

Took this one to show how small he is...full grown he should be around 40 lbs and 24 inches tall :)

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