January 22, 2011

Handy Men

My husband and dad are the handiest men alive (except my late grandpa, of course, who could also fix, make or install anything.) My parents came down last night so my dad and Jason could put in a humidifier. We had one but for some reason that I still don't understand it didn't work and in winter its so dry in here. So my dad being the HVAC guy that he is decided he'd work his skills and put one in for us. Now, there's a lot of drilling, sawing and every other imaginable construction site sound going on here, and there's several holes in our walls that I am hoping will be filled but I'm very proud to be my dad's daughter and my Jason's wife. Clearly this is no place for a girl, so I guess it's time for my mom and I to do some window shopping and have a girls day before we all head to the United Center to meet my uncle and Marilyn for a Bulls smack down.

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