December 23, 2010

One of the Joys of Chicago

Just in case you were wondering if the Chicago PD enforces their "No talking on cell phone while driving", I'll tell you that they do. I got a $100 (AGHHH!) ticket for it last weekend and am not happy about it. Whats a joke is that I was only on the phone for 47 seconds AND in a parking lot and not moving. I was waiting for the cars in front of me to turn but was off the phone before I was on the road. Yeah, yeah I know technically I was driving and shouldn't have been on the phone, therefore putting me in the wrong, it's just annoying given the situation. Plus the call was to Jason just to make sure he had his warm jacket because we were meeting at an outdoor mall and it was freezing out. Pretty sure I could have bought him a really nice warm jacket for the $100 I wasted on the ticket! For now on, I will pull over to talk or use my hands-free headset, although I'm pretty sure untangling the wire to my headphones will distract me a lot more than any conversation I'm having, but I'll follow the rules! Don't talk and drive friends!

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