December 27, 2010


Jason and I are getting a puppy! If it was up to me, I'd have 3 dogs, 4 cats, a few horses, some bunnies, ferrets, hamsters, lizards and pretty much anything that breathes but living in the city doesn't allow for that. Ever since Chaz died, I wanted to get another cat right away (Sammie's can't just have one animal!) but Jason said no because we had always planned to get a dog when we were married. Well, that time has come, we're married! After discussing what we wanted, we determined that I want a shelter dog and Jason wants one that doesn't shed. After checking many shelters and looking at daily, we realized that we were not going to get his wish with a shelter dog, unless it was a little dog and we don't want a little dog (at this point in our lives). (*note...most that we found on petfinders wouldn't allow us to take their dogs, we did apply for a few but since we live in the city without a fenced backyard, we weren't approved) Jason and I agreed a couple years ago that we wanted a goldendoodle and a couple months ago started looking for breeders and with a lot of prayer we found one that we both loved. It's a family farm up in Wisconsin where two sisters breed their family pooch. We talked on the phone with each sister for about 30 minutes and decided that from all they had to say, they truly love their dogs and weren't in this for the money, but instead for the love of their furry friend. We put down a deposit about a month ago and have been patiently waiting for updates of our puppies birth and today we finally got the email that he/she was born yesterday! There were 8 boys and 2 girls in the litter, we're not sure which sex we want but are so excited to go to Wisconsin to pick out our little bundle of joy as soon as possible. We were told we can take him/her home after 8 weeks and we can't wait! Let the countdown begin! Until then we have a lot of picking up to do around here and I need to start getting lots of sleep to prepare for some sleepless nights and early mornings!
one of those little cuties is ours!

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  1. Kelly and I CANNOT wait to help out whenever you need us!!!!! No promises on cat-sitting though, I would recommend Nikki!