December 23, 2010

December 23, 1989

I've blogged about horses before (you can read by clicking here) but 21 years ago Thursday my life changed. I remember the details like it was this morning! I woke up and my family and I were all supposed to head to the mall, but my dad said he had to make one quick stop for work to look at the someone's furnace. (totally not out of the norm for those days) I was especially excited for this stop though, we needed to stop at Dunham Woods, where I took horse-back riding lessons twice a week. My brother, the kid who hated all things horse-related was less than thrilled but I was ecstatic! When we got there, I was walking around talking to everyone I knew and my dad asked me to show him my favorite horse, so away we went to the back corner stall and showed him Calico, the spotted appaloosa who I loved! Even though there was a big red bow on the door, I hadn't caught on, and we walked into the stall and began petting him. Then one of my parents said, "Merry Christmas Stephanie!" I still didn't get it, but looking back I think it was like when Jason proposed, I think I was in shock. I was SO EXCITED. Only a few minutes later, my grandparents came around the corner to meet Calico. I remember telling the few people that were there that Calico was now mine and nearly jumping up and down as I said it. We all went to lunch at one of our favorite after-church restaurants, I was sitting in the booth with lunch in front of me untouched, I was too excited to eat and just wanted to get back to the barn to ride. That day was the end of my life I had formally known and was the beginning of my new life which was spent doing everything horse-related and the barn becoming my second home...or more like my real home only being where I slept at night. Thanks again Mom and Dad for the best Christmas present anyone could ask for!

Introducing Grandma and Grandpa to Calico. (awesome glasses, I know!)

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  1. Aww Steph :*)
    You beautifully described this memory. Made my heart melt.