December 19, 2010

Christmas Shopping is DONE!

We did it, the shopping is complete! Ever since I moved to the city, I take a day off from work to head to the burbs and do all my Christmas shopping. I have a blast when I do it because Yorktown and Oakbrook generally have every store I need to check everyone off my list. This year, my schedule didn't allow for a full day but on Monday I had planned to head out for a half day after small group. Small group was canceled so my day got all messed up and I started to feel really crummy with my cold so I stuck around Chicago to finish my shopping. It wasn't nearly as much fun as years past. There's something fun about bouncing around from store to store trying to find someone that perfect gift, but we're pretty limited on the stores I like to shop at in the city, not to mention the traffic in between each store. Yesterday Jason had a credit to a car wash that he had purchased from Groupon which closed in the city so we had to take his car to Deerfield (real convenient, LOL!) for it to be detailed. So we had several hours to kill and finished all our shopping in Northbrook and at Old Orchard. We had fun trying to find all the extra little add-ons together. It's great to know we have all our shopping done, now it's time to wrap everything!

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