November 30, 2010

I Love Quarters Over Semesters!!

Have I already said this? No more school until Jan 10! I know I blasted it all over facebook because it's such a big deal. Quarters are so much better than semesters...they give you much longer breaks! I had a great day yesterday without homework or class...I started the morning being lazy in my pajama's reading and cleaning, then had small group from 12:00-2:00, which followed with a trip to the burbs to meet my grandma for some Olive Garden. (one of my FAVORITE restaurants EVER). After a very early dinner, I went to Hobby Lobby (why aren't those in the city??!) for some Christmas decorations. After sitting in hours of rush hour traffic, I was home at 7:00 to take a bath and read some more of my really good book. I still had time to cuddle up next to Jason to watch get an episode of a certain show we're completely addicted to before hitting the hay. What an enjoyably jam-packed day of fun-ness!

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