November 3, 2010

Food and all its Flavor

Just want to say that I love not dieting. I lost the weight I wanted to lose before the wedding and am pretty sure I've kept it off only because I am not on that dreaded drug anymore but I just love the way food tastes and it's such a shame that so many of us have to worry about what we eat and how much. I'm eating one of the zero (weight watcher) point soups right now and practically gagging on it since I ate so much of it while dieting. So I just thought it was worthwhile to share how excited I am to not have to eat it if I choose not to. :) However, I did eat a piece of Giordano's left-over stuffed pizza and a piece of pumpkin pie after I got home from class last night just as a snack (yes, I had already had dinner hours before) so I'll probably be right back on Weight Watchers if I keep this up but it's fun for the time being! (oink oink!)

1 comment:

  1. zero point soup...uggg....sounds miserable!
    i'm glad you have done so much updating.