November 23, 2010

Oh I Just Can't Wait to be KING!!

On Friday, Jason and I went to see The Lion King on Broadway. I saw the musical about 10 years ago when it was here in Chicago and being that I have seen the movie literally about 50 times and know every word, it's no surprise to say that I loved everything about the Broadway show. Back in May, I heard that they were bringing the show back to Chicago for a very limited time so I immediately jumped and bought tickets. I remember thinking, we'll be married then, our local reception will be over and the weather will be getting'll be a nice treat after coming off the high of all things happy. Now that the date was here, it was hard to believe all that has happened in these 6 months! So on Friday night, we got dressed up and took the el downtown to Italian Village. We treated ourselves to some dessert which we never do. I got the cheesecake (it's really the only dessert I like but oh my gosh, do they make a good cheesecake!!) and Jason got the chocolate mousse, both of us just short of licking the plates! We then headed to the Cadillac Palace for the show. It was just as I remembered with an excellent storyline, amazing acting and unbelievable costumes. I hated the scene with Scar just as I remember hating it when I was a teen and loved all the songs with Simba and Nala, again just as I remembered it. Jason admitted to enjoying it just as much as I and we plan to go to Broadway shows as often as is reasonable. It is our hope to maybe see Billy Elliot before it heads out but if not that, a different one next year.
(click here for a promo for the London show)

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