November 4, 2010

No Hot Chocolate for Me

Hot Chocolate is a 5 or 15k which runs through downtown Chicago starting at Grant Park. Originally I had registered for the 15k (9.3 miles), knowing that I'd have to train while we were in Mexico. I was really excited to have a race to keep me running through our vacation and also through the cooler months in Chicago. However, my back had other ideas, so I wasn't able to run nearly as much as planned (and Mexico it just wasn't happening!) so a few weeks ago I changed my registration to just the 5K but was still really looking forward to it. Running is so much fun to me, and having a race to train for gets me out on the streets and running which immediately reminds me of why I loved it so much to begin with. Last week on Tuesday I was babysitting Brandon, put him down for his nap, came downstairs and sat on the couch for about 5 minutes and when I got up, I literally couldn't stand or walk. (in hindsight I know it was the way I laid him down, I twisted my already upset back in a way that really upset it). It wasn't just that there was so much pain but it was like my muscles were stuck and wouldn't let me stand. I took a lot of Advil and was able to walk very slowly but that was about it. Fortunately I have the best chiropractor ever and after a few visits with her and 4 days off from babysitting Brandon I am almost back to normal. But with all that pain and rest, I wasn't able to continue running and there's no way my back would let me run even a 1/2 mile this weekend. I'm bummed because I didn't do much running this summer and was really looking forward to it, but for some reason my body just doesn't like me running anymore! I'm excited that I still get my packet which includes a hooded sweatshirt, who can't use one of those for the winter weather that lies ahead? Good luck to all my friends who are running it this weekend, I know there's several of you out there! Have some chocolate at the end for me! :)

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  1. OH NO! SO SAD! I will miss you (didn't even know you were doing it - ha!) - you can come cheer my sister and i on in the 15K if you want :-)