November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason!

I love birthdays!! LOVE them. Every year in February I get really excited for my birthday; every day leading up to the 24th I get more and more excited for MY day. My husband couldn't be any more opposite from me when it comes to his special day. He'd prefer that the day would just come and go without any mention. But here's how I see today, his birthday marks the day that he came into this world and therefore changed my life forever. Not to mention all the people in his life who he has also blessed by just being Jason. So tonight we're going to one of his favorite restaurants so he can order his favorite item off the menu to celebrate his very special day. I know better than to have anyone come sing to him, or do anything that may draw any attention to him (except this blog post :) but we darn well will be celebrating his birthday! Happy birthday Jason, I couldn't imagine my life without you and am so excited to celebrate another year of YOU.

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