December 21, 2009

My First Christmas Tree

This entry would probably be much better had I written it when I intended to write it...the weekend of Thanksgiving, but I have had serious writers block and haven't been able to get started on any entries lately.

Last year our church's Christmas series was called, "Prepare" which also had a daily devotion which was emailed daily with ways to "Prepare" you for Christmas day. It came in the perfect time in my life. I made every effort to get all my Christmas shopping done early, wrapped presents with matching bows and just enjoy the little things leading up to Christmas without being stressed about everything. Not that I really had anything to stress about, but being that I had worked retail for many years leading up to last year, the Christmas season had sadly lost part of its meaning so I was very excited to "prepare" myself differently last year.

One of the ways I really made an effort to enjoy the season was while putting up my Christmas decorations I listened to Christmas music and drank hot cocoa with my favorite Christmas scented candle, Tree by Bath and Body Works, scenting the room. It made such a world of difference to hang the lights around the windows and decorate my tiny 1.5 ft tree while singing along to Christmas tunes and sipping hot chocolate!

This year, it was even more fun decorating. My grandma gave me hers and Grandpa's old tree which is a pre-lit tree and stands at 7.5 feet!! I was tempted to put it up at Jason's since I was hosting a Christmas party for our small group (blog to come) but I decided to embrace this year as my last Christmas in my own place and put the tree and all my holiday decorations up here. I had a blast buying ornaments for the tree and picking out the perfect star for the top of the tree. what I hadn't prepared for was just how emotional it was spreading the branches knowing the last person to have done that was my grandpa. It meant so much more to me knowing that this was the tree that he had put up and taken down. It's amazing what a larger Christmas tree can do to a room. It is so festive here and I feel my grandpas presence every time I light it. Thank you Grandma for sharing this tree with me. I love it more than words could ever say.

song-of-the-day|Emmanual|by Chris Tomlin (though my favorite Christmas CD is Point of Grace, "Tennessee Christmas," there aren't many good songs on youtube, so my second favorite Christmas CD is Chris enjoy!)

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    How special that you ended up with their tree! Awesome that you appreciate it like you do! I am sure grandpa is thrilled that it's being cared for and enjoyed with such love!