December 22, 2009

Goodbye ORD and Hertz Car Rental!

After 2 years in prayer, Jason is no longer traveling for work!! Our first year together Jason traveled every week, Sunday through Thursday. The later months of him traveling in '08 nearly killed our relationship. It was through no fault of Jason but through my own selfishness that I needed him home a lot more and needed to be able to talk to him a lot more regularly. Yes, I am a needy person in a relationship. I get lonely and I talk a a long distance relationship where Jason was working so much he couldn't talk to me until the wee hours of night wasn't my cup of tea. Last January, Jason accepted a new job and was only expected to travel once a month. Now, that was something I could get used to! All the other days he was working from his home office (approximately 10 steps from his bedroom!) That worked really well for me since I am unemployed, I was able to see him whenever I wanted. Even though he was working, just having him home was wonderful. It wasn't until my grandpa was sick and passed away in May that I realized how much one week away was still too much. There are times in our lives when we can't plan when we need him to be here and since Jason and I are planning to have children some day, him traveling is not something I would desire. A few weeks ago, Jason accepted a position where his office and client are in the loop, Monday through Friday, normal business hours. What an answer to prayer!

This past Friday night, I dropped my friend off at ORD and the emotions that came upon me as I pulled out after dropping her off were unreal. I was pulling out of the airport without tears in my eyes! (Not that I won't miss you Meredith!) but this was the first time in over 2 years that I dropped someone off and was not truly sad.

I am so thankful that Jason isn't traveling anymore. I am fully aware that with the type of work that he does, it is likely that he'll be traveling again someday, I just pray it isn't someday real soon and am enjoying any days we have that he isn't boarding a flight or renting a car for a week!

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