June 13, 2010

Street Fests are Back!

Saturday we were able to kick off the beginning of summer as far as Street Fests are concerned. We attended the Old Town Art Fest which is just a block from Jason's. It's one of our favorites for the obvious reason of the convenient location. I love looking at all the art, mostly the jewelry and paintings/photos of Chicago skylines. This year was different than any other year because we actually purchased a piece of art, which made me feel like so grown-up. Nothings ever been affordable to me but now that we're decorating the condo, buying a piece of art to hang (a awesome picture of Chicago!) seemed like a logical choice. After checking out all the booths, eating some corn on the cob, edamame and a delicious Italian sausage dipped in marinara sauce, topped with sweet peppers, we got to enjoy some Trippin Billies which, of course made my night complete!!



  1. Well...gonna post a picture of the art you purchased? Sounds like fun!

  2. What's the fun in that!? People can see if when they're at our place once I've moved in. :)