June 25, 2010

My Very Materialistic Want

I splurged...I got the new iPhone. I honestly don't even know what version they're on...I just go off the million email updates Jason sends me. (There's a real perk to being engaged to someone who's all techy!) A couple years ago when the iPhone came out I wasn't into it and loved Verizon so it wasn't even an option. Jason got one and it was cool for him, but I was happy with my red flip phone. Just having a flip phone for me was cool then and having a red one made me feel even cooler! But then after a few months, every carrier had a new phone and one was competing over the other, and Verizon came out with the Blackberry Storm, so since I was due for a new phone, I switched and got my first blackberry. There began the addiction to my cell phone. I now had unlimited access to email and the internet; life was great. But as most Storm owners quickly found out, the phone wasn't all it was cracked up to be and though Verizon's service is (still) the best, the phone wasn't doing me any favors. So when Jason got his second iPhone, we decided I'd take his old one and switch to AT&T but didn't have to sign a contract since it wasn't a new phone. From the first time I used the iPhone it was LOVE. But that was over a year ago and the phone has been slowing down A LOT and I cannot stand AT&T. If I'm on the phone for longer than 20 minutes the calls guaranteed to drop, especially along 290, which the past year was a pretty frequented spot for me! So while there was a new iPhone coming out, I looked into the Droid so I could switch back to my beloved Verizon. I have heard only good things about the Droid so was really excited to make the switch. After talking to Verizon I learned several apps I use on the iPhone are not offered on the Droid especially my favorite app, KLove, a radio station that doesn't come in in the city. I also learned that I couldn't listen to podcasts on the Droid which is what I listen to at the gym and on my runs. In addition, Verizon was $75+ a month more than what my current AT&T bill is...plus add in all the accessories I'd now have to stock up on like the car charger, headphones, case, etc. After all said and done, I figured AT&T's service could only get better from here on out so I went with the iPhone. Unlike the crazy people who were wound around the block 3 times for the Michigan Ave. store (ummm, Jason may have been one of those crazies!) I decided to reserve my phone at Oakbrook and venture out there after work and was only in line for about 40 minutes before I was holding the box to my new phone. I haven't had much time to play with it, but what I have used, it's all they've claimed it to be! I am extremely happy with my very materialistic want! I mean, technically a cell phone is a need these days, right? ;-)

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