June 25, 2010

Sign Language

I have been taking a sign language course on Wednesday nights for the past couple weeks. It actually started 3 weeks ago but I had to miss the first class because of grad school being the same night. I do not have time to be taking an extra course this quarter but it's only offered at the Chicago Community Colleges over the summer and I can't wait any longer. My teacher is really good, he has creative ways to help us learn the words. For example, last week we played Bingo to learn the numbers, but I have to say I'm still so confused. I can't remember anything and it's obviously all about memorization. I found a good website and am looking into an app for my phone which should help. I'm determined to learn it so I have to stick with it. Praying that for the second course I can meet some people who I can practice with or once I learn enough signs I'll be able to practice with my uncle and his wife...but that's a long ways out. Until then, it's just me signing to Brandon and him laughing at me the whole time!

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