June 30, 2010

My 5 Minute Pity Party

I began grad school again last night, and it's not going to be that bad as far as the class time is concerned...however, I found out we do have to do 15 hours of observation hours. While registering for my summer classes, I was told we didn't have any observation hours during the summer since it's so hard to find summer schools that are in session long enough to complete the necessary hours. Not only do we have the 15 hours this quarter but our assignments are based on those hours so I need to do them in large chunks of time if possible. (when I say 15 hours, calculate the time to and from those hours minus any lunch breaks or times when I am not "observing" the students/teachers)

The good news to all this is that I do have time off work next week so I can get the hours done Tuesday through Friday (if I can find somewhere to complete them). My complaint is that I was really counting on having the next week off. I have to pack all my apartment up to move in the next month and have been counting on next week to do all my packing. (remember when I said I was going to fill all my space in Wheaton...I didn't really, but I did more than I should have!) I also made my appointment for my alterations for my dress which is (pretty) important right now. I also wanted to go shopping for my jewelry for the wedding and take care of the other million things that have been on hold the past couple months. Not to mention that I just wanted to enjoy a week off from work without having to be at a school observing all day. It's not like I won't still have all my homework and classes to attend in the evening, I was just looking forward to being able to do all the things I haven't been able to do the past few months.

I guess that should end my pity-party. I just don't like that I am so stressed with no time to plan our wedding or see my friends, and was really looking forward to running the errands I haven't been able to do and have a little time to get my apartment in Wheaton squared away. I just need to keep my head high and charge through these next few weeks and August will be here before I know it when it will really calm down and will be my time to focus on wedding plans with Jason. I'm sure it's all part of God's plans and will all work out if I just let go and quit worrying about finding the time...but in the meantime, thanks for joining me and my pity-party. :)

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