June 12, 2010

Running Again

Memorial Day weekend I had the best start to a Saturday morning, I went for a run along the lake. I know I'm a broken record, but it's the most peaceful time running out just forgetting about everyone and everything or when I am having struggles, it's a great time to sort that out. I listen to new music or some times I listen to my podcasts of sermons at my favorite churches across the country. Today, there was hardly anyone out there because we were about to get some serious storms. I was lucky enough to be about 1 block from a viaduct so though I was drenched by the time I got there, I was safe from any lightening. That is a picture I snapped Memorial Day weekend. It's pretty obvious why I find the path to be such a peaceful and awesome place to start my weekend! I hope to be able to run as many Saturdays and other days off from school the rest of the summer.

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