June 29, 2010

Crosstown Series

It's hard to believe that it has already come and gone, but this past weekend was the Crosstown Series at Sox Park. Every year, my uncle, Dennis, gets group tickets and Jason and I (and usually other friends) get to join in on the fun. This year, we got an extra bonus since Uncle Dennis got us tickets to the Stadium Club! We got great seats in the dining room and *more food than either of us ever should have eaten!

As always, the game was a lot of fun! Every year my uncle does this game where he draws out names from a hat and whichever seat he draws, that person wins the "pot" and this year Jason won! Well this year the pot was 2 free tickets to a Sox game (he received them as a "thank you" gift from the Sox for buying group tickets)or $10. Jason chose the tickets so now we get to go to a Red Sox game in Chicago which we've been talking about going to for years!!

During the game, we got to see a wedding proposal a row behind us and even witnessed a Cubs win, which I really didn't think we'd get to see! Thanks again Uncle Dennis and Marilyn for a great time! We love you!

As an afterthought, I think this may have been the first year we didn't see a fight between the players on the field too!

*I DID still manage to stay within my points that day...thank goodness for the additional weekly points WW allows!)

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