June 11, 2010

Hawks Win!

Yes, slightly old news by now but Wednesday night the Blackhawks won! I didn't jump on the bandwagon but mostly because I wasn't able to. I have night classes and everything else jam packed every night of the week so fitting in one more thing to do, such as watching the Hawks play-offs seemed like a dumb idea when I knew I'd just end up mad for the nights I couldn't watch. My parents have heard me say this many times the past few months, but they are the only true Hawks fans that I know (besides an old neighbor who I noticed a long time ago that she was a fan...long time ago meaning before they were winning.) So I remember as a kid my parents would go to the Hawks games and tell me about their awesome seats close to the glass and how much fun it was, but I am not sure that I went to a game myself. About 10 years ago I went to a few Wolves games a year and that was fun..but I haven't been to a hockey game in a long time. Jason and I added the Hawks game to our "Things to do in Chicago List" a couple years ago but even by then the prices were ridiculous so it wasn't a priority. (I only pay ridiculous prices to see my Cubs or Dave play!)

I was really excited on Wed that my class ended early and because everyone was at home or at a bar watching the game, there was NO traffic and I was downtown by 8:30. I was able to catch the last half at Jasons and then we went to a bar to catch the end. I couldn't share in the excitement quite as much as most bandwagoners who were there, but a Chicago win is always appreciated by me!

It was certainly a night to remember and I'm sure today is too with the parade! Pretty sure the prices will now really never allow us to go to a game at the United Center for several years so we'll have to catch a Wolves game instead to get our hockey fix that's now been ingrained in us! ;-)

Now it's back to my Cubs, maybe this is your year too!?

one of our favorite bars - wells on wells

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