June 24, 2010

A Different Approach

So as I just stated in the last blog, I have gained a lot of weight the past 3 years and thought it was my own fault and just part of getting older, I mean, these hips are ready for some babies! But I learned that the number of pounds that I have gained isn't just a refection of being a runner and age but instead it's part of being on a drug that messed with my metabolism. I was blessed with an amazing metabolism my whole life, so it's only fair that age 30, it gets a little out of whack, just in time for me to be in a wedding dress. (and it was our great idea to have a destination wedding so we get to be in swimming suits in front of 20 of our closest friends and family's - Joy.)

As of last Friday, I joined Weight Watchers. I signed up for the meetings rather than just doing it online so I would be held accountable but I am not sure I really needed to do that. I'm holding myself pretty accountable. As if trying on my wedding dress last week wasn't enough motivation, I am just sick of how I feel when I already think I eat well, so now that I'm paying for it, I'm motivated. I've already learned a lot about what's been wrong with how I've been eating. (and if you know me AT ALL, I don't have to mention how much wine I consume in a week!) I'm turning over a new leaf, counting all my points and really motivated to get to the gym, which I already love anyway, so it's just about making the time! I'm sure if I start seeing results that will continue the motivation and I'll be working out and eating right, while losing some more pounds.

87 More Days Until the Wedding! :)

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