April 18, 2011

Update on the Coopster

Cooper's surgery went fine...actually much better than expected. As I shared on Friday, we dropped him off bright and early at the vet to be neutered, get his microchip and the rest of his vaccinations. We were told he would get his bloodwork done and be prepped for surgery around 9:00. When I hadn't heard from the vet at noon, I called to learn that he still hadn't even been prepped yet because of some emergency's that had come in. Our poor Cooper hadn't had anything to eat or drink since 10:00pm the previous night and by noon on any given day he'd have already had breakfast and lunch and A LOT of time outside of his crate playing, chasing Sam or being walked. I felt terrible knowing how hungry he probably was and confused as to why he had to be in a crate all morning/day. (yes, I do realize he's just a dog...but he's our baby! LOL)

Around 4:00 we got a call that all had gone well and while I didn't get to talk to the vet (they called Jason) she had all positive things to say about the surgery and mentioned numerous times how cute Cooper was. As much as I tried enjoying sleeping in on Saturday, I was still up at Coopers normal wake-up time. We headed to pick him up at 10:00 an were expecting a sluggish, sleepy Cooper to come out with a cone around his head. I wish I had taken a video of it because the sight was anything except that. He came barreling around the corner trying to sniff every dog he could and then we we called him over to us and he saw us,he came ripping toward us (tech in tow behind him) and peed all over my foot from excitement. There was no cone on his head and absolutely no sign that he had just had surgery the previous day. Our little Cooper was doing just fine, maybe a little too fine.

It's been a challenge keeping him from running or jumping or chasing Sam here and there but we're doing our best. The incision is only about 3/4 of an inch long and seems to be healing fine. He's had a fever on and off since we brought him home but you'd never know from the way he's running all around and the vet said that's fine as long as it doesn't last. We are going to wait several more days before allowing him to play with his buddy Macallen or bring him to the dog park but if it was up to him, he'd be right back at it all. I'm so thankful that everything went okay and that he's doing way better than expected. He just brings so much joy to both of our lives, it's great to know this is over and he is now legally registered in the city so he can legally go to dog parks now!

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