April 14, 2011

Days 3 & 4 of The Food Challenge

I start this by saying I am on the verge of quitting. I'm really over it. At this point it isn't even about the hunger but I am ready for some good, tasty food!!
Thoughts for yesterday and today:

9:30 -- oatmeal
12:30 -- took Cooper for a walk and worried I would be burning more calories than I should
1:00 -- beans and rice, I am so ready to be eating something better
2:10 -- studying and really want something more to drink, tea? sparking water? anything!!
4:00 -- HUNGRY
5:45 -- walked Cooper...sooooo hungry
8:30 -- rice and beans
9:00 -- walked Cooper, so tired but had to since he has so much energy!

Today I was extremely tired all day. I really, really craved a salad and milk. I'm craving some healthy foods and really want my La Croix water!

3:20 am -- woke up really hungry
7:15 -- hungry but liked yesterday how I ate breakfast a little later so I will wait
9:15 -- really hungry and really thankful for water
10:15 -- oatmeal, I want to add milk really bad but don't
11:15 -- very uncomfortable -- not hungry but feel weird
11:15 -- walked Cooper, came home wanting a snack...pretty much anything with flavor or a hot drink would be nice to warm up
1:15 -- beans and rice
3:20 -- while studying I was very bored and would have loved some tea
4:45 -- had a pickle...I caved.
5:15 -- REALLY want to quit...really, really, really...
7:50 -- rice and beans. I am so done. done with beans and rice and just want some flavor to eat.

Today as you can tell I am really over this, mostly for the flavor and nutrients. I am so thankful that we have unlimited supply of water, something many families don't have. I can't imagine what it must be like for anyone to have to wait to eat and have limited supply of food. I love dining out and Jason and I are fortunate enough to dine out at least once a week, if not more and this really helps make me appreciate the unlimited food supply we both have and especially appreciate dining out. We just show up and have someone wait on us and cook for us and we'll sometimes have the audacity to complain about the service or food not cooked to our liking. I don't mean to exaggerate this...I know if we're paying for something, we're entitled to it being great quality, I just hope I can appreciate dining out or some of my home-cooked meals.

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