April 18, 2011

Honeymoon is BOOKED!

Jason and I booked our honeymoon over the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Originally we were going to use Jason's Hilton points he has earned through all his traveling for work but several month ago my Uncle Dennis shared with us that he was giving us their time share if we wanted it. Of course we wanted it so we began searching the website to see where we'd be able to go. We brought up the topic of our honeymoon at least once or twice a week but we never made the time to sit down and really plan it. We finally decided on a date and Jason spent some time narrowing it down to different regions and after much research on his part, we decided on Cabo San Lucas at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa the week of Thanksgiving. So it will be exactly 14 months (to the day!) of our anniversary and I'm just ecstatic!! Thank you Uncle Dennis and Marilyn!!

Before we were even engaged and certainly before we knew we were having a destination wedding, I always knew I wanted to wait at least 6 months after our wedding to go on our honeymoon. I struggle with emotional highs and lows so I was concerned about all the emotions of getting married, the anticipation and planning of the wedding and then going on our honeymoon immediately after and then hitting an emotional low when we got back. In addition, once we planned our wedding and knew it was going to be a destination wedding and that we'd already be in the tropics we figured we already got to enjoy the vacation and relaxing time. In our defense, though one may think that our wedding already had a built-in honeymoon with it, I felt like we were still entertaining and having meals and beach time with our friends and family who came to Mexico to be with us. There wasn't much "alone time" for us as a newly married couple. Puerto Vallarta was our wedding which was spent with each other, our family and friends. Cabo will be our honeymoon where the week will revolve around just us and our love for one another. (Ha, I'm so cheesy, but you all know it's true of the romantic me!)

We leave 7 months (from today!) and I cannot wait! Anyone who has been to Cabo, please share your recommendations of where to go, excursions, dining out, shopping, etc. It is especially on days like today when it is snowing, I am really anxious to be sipping some fruity cocktail on the beach with Jason's hand in mine catching some rays while the sounds of the ocean crash in the background!

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