April 5, 2011

More Meanderings About the Coopster!

Cooper has a lot of energy...a lot. Jason's been gone this week so it's been just me taking care of him and oh my gosh, he needs a lot of attention and a lot of walking. Have I already mentioned that the little fluffball won't walk on a leash from our house unless it's both me and Jason walking him together? I thought since Jason is in Oklahoma (how many miles away is that?!) that Cooper would catch on and know it's okay for him to walk with just me. Nope, he plants his butt down on the sidewalk and won't budge. So in order to exercise the crack puppy I have to pack him up in the car and take him to a dog park or to a different neighborhood to walk him.

Tonight I went for a walk with a friend and he went along loving everything we came in contact with. I am just so impressed with how nothing phases him in the city! He just trots right along as people pass, cars honk and kids scream. The deafening el doesn't even turn his head. I thought an hour and 15 minute walk (with a stop at a dog park for about 10 minutes) would be enough to wear him out. Ha! We weren't even in the door yet and he took off running after Sam and jumping on the furniture with a sock in his mouth. (all things hes not supposed to do).

After dinner I brought him outside to play with his new best friend, Macallen who is an 8 week old St. Bernard. He wrestled with Macallen for 30 minutes which only ended because us parents said it was time to go in. Only after all this did he finally settle down. He's been sleeping for 3 hours which can only mean one thing for me...an early wake-up tomorrow.

I'm excited for Jason to come home so we can share the responsibilities again but I have to admit, he is one really cute, entertaining puppy and it's been fun having the one-on-one time with him!! We've really bonded the past week and I wouldn't trade him for the world. I am so glad we get to keep him. :) Though I'm still (and always will be) a cat lover, I have to admit I'm really glad we made room for little Cooper...he rocks my world!!

6:55am: Cooper is chewing on my robe tie which he is not allowed to do. Which he got from our bedroom, which he is not allowed in, on the couch, which he is not allowed on.

6:56am: Cooper has not jumped off the chair that he wasn't supposed to be on to immediately jump onto the couch which he is not allowed on, with the tie that he is not allowed to chew on.
Blurry, but still so funny. Now that the crate is too small for him, I put him in the way back and he LOVED it. He went from side to side looking out the window, he was so excited!

Cooper is running around the corner from being yelled at for grabbing the towel from the kitchen which is not supposed to ever be in his mouth. Gross. (note: this was after the long walk!!) He has also taken the kitchen rug from the floor and brought it into the living room, another thing he is not allowed to chew on. You can tell how much he's enjoying this game he's started with me!

Finally pooped after hours of playing and chasing and driving me up the wall. And he's still so stinking cute!

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