April 28, 2011

Thursday Ramblings

I am so behind on blogging but want to post all the happenings of life the past couple weeks. It's been a fun couple weeks.

2 weeks ago Jason and I ended up in the burbs for church because we couldn't get our stuff together enough to make it to our own church in the city. I have to say, having a puppy is similar to having a kid when it comes to getting yourself out the door. It adds a big chunk of time to your routine! So since we were going to be in be burbs we figured we'd ask my brother and sister-in-law if we could stop by just for a little while to hear about their trip to Mexico. They ended up inviting us for dinner and we spent several hours together. It was the day that was 81 degrees and gorgeous. As much as I love the city, it was fun to be out in the burbs in the backyard on the deck eating outside with family. I am so in love with my niece, Kaylee. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?!

Kaylee meets Cooper for the first time!

Uncle Jason, Aunt Stephanie & Kaylee

My precious Kaylee

I am proud to announce that Cooper has graduated from Puppy Class! He can now sit, lay, give paw, come and stay. We are currently training him how to ring a bell to let us know he wants to be let out. I am shocked at how easy he picked up all our cues, I know this will just sound like a proud puppy mom, but he is really smart! And more importantly, it seems as though he wants to please us.

Coopers graduation picture after class (he's showing off his "Sit. Stay.")

I really wanted to blog about Good Friday and what it meant to me but at this point I'd like to wait. I will say that I think Easter weekend if one of my favorite holidays. This year my parents came down on Saturday and spent the day with us. It was fun having them and Sophie here. I was nervous about Cooper being with Sophie only 7 days after his surgery but he did fine. He did so well that they played so much on Saturday thathe basically slept until Tuesday night. think he may have over-did it just a bit. Easter we went to church out in the suburbs again and I loved the service. I am always moved by the services out in South Barrington. After church we went to celbrate Easter at my brothers house where he cooked a delicious Easter meal. I got to spend more time with Kaylee who was smiles the entire time.

Uncle Jason and Kaylee

Kaylee in her Easter dress and hair bow

I know I have written more about the weather than anything this month but I am seriously tired of it. It has been a tough month having a puppy who needs a lot of walks to work off his puppy energy but every time we go outside it's freezing and pouring. (and there isn't any hope for the next week or so!)

Cooper after an hour long walk in the rain. Even he looks like he's sick of this weather!

So I leave you with the beautiful blooming bushes outside out building. Though we may not feel it yet, the animals are all out and the trees, flowers and bushes are all blooming which can only give us hope that Spring is on its way!

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