April 18, 2011

A Little Hope

Every March I buy myself a bunch of daffodils and enjoy hearing them pop and watching them bloom. It all began when I worked for the American Cancer Society and was part of Daffodil Days. Daffodil Days is a fundraiser where individuals or businesses can purchase daffodils which represent hope for those who are going through treatment and is one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring. The money raised from Daffodil Days helps to some day find a cure for cancer. This was the first year I didn't participate in the fundraiser, mostly because I wasn't contacted and reminded about it, but also because I don't have the network I need to be able to sell enough flowers. It is my hope that I can get more involved in the years to come!

Since here in Chicago, we woke up this morning to blanket of snow, I thought it was a good day to blog about the beautiful flower which represents the beginning of spring. Though the forecast doesn't show anything warmer than 40 degrees and clouds for the next 7 days, I hope these daffodils will bring you a glimmer of hope for a bit warmer in the days to come!

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