April 8, 2011

A Thing of the Past

Last week I had my car detailed so I had to clean out my car. Of course, I waited until the last minute so I quickly packed everything up in a big bag and sent my car away. Today I needed my phone charger so I thought it was probably time to go through the bag and sort out all the things I have had in my car that I've been storing in my car but haven't needed for the past five years. I was really excited when I found all sorts of good CD's, some that I didn't even know I owned. I found a lint roller, a few cheap bracelets, an (unused) toothbrush from the dentist. Many bottles of Advil (where have those been when I needed them?) and many expired insurance cards along with many other pieces of useless information and old receipts. As I was putting everything in the right place, I put my insurance card and a couple other things into my glove compartment and realized that the 5 maps I put back in there really didn't need to go in. It hit me that those were staple items from the day I started driving.All of my maps were priceless, especially my Lake County map. A past co-worker gave it to me when I began my first job which was up in Lincolnshire which included my "territory" of Lake County. I have the best sense of direction but was constantly turned around up there! I was so thankful for that map much of my days driving to different meetings, appointments and events. It dawned on me tonight that we no longer need maps, I now have my trusty phone which is way better than any other map could be. At just the click of a button and the map tells me exactly where I am what direction I am heading and will take me to any location, whether I know the exact address or if I just know the name of the store, restaurant, etc. I take pride in how well I can read a map and get myself just anywhere with that. As excited as I am for the technology that we have, it kind of made me sad that there's really no need for my trusty maps. It makes me wonder what will come in the years that follow when it comes to technology.

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  1. How funny and so true! I would have been lost without my Quad Cities map when I first moved here, trying to get to all my different reporting assignments. I bet that map is still stuck in my glove compartment too!