July 29, 2011

Mother/Daughter Bonding Time

Since school is out for summer (again!), my mom decided to come down for a day in the big city with yours truly. When she first got here it was raining and I thought it was to continue for the day since my fabulous always correct weather app told me so. But it actually ended up being a lovely (but humid!) day! We went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Northside, in Wicker Park (or is it Bucktown...I never know the difference?) Then we walked around window shopping and occasionally walking into a few stores in hopes of some cool air or a public bathroom which I never did find. (i heart chicago). We had lots and lots to catch up on and there was never a quiet moment. We both sure do like to talk a lot! We finished the afternoon with a stop at Starbucks for a refreshing cold drink then went downtown to see the Marilyn Monroe statue. Wow, is she big! Thanks SO MUCH Mom for coming down to spend an afternoon with me. I really cherish our girly time together!! Love you!

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