July 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Linking up again with Lauren for Fill in the Blank Friday bringing out the basics! Hope you all have a happy Friday and and even happier weekend!

1. My favorite color is purple, especially dark purple -- love all things purple! .

2. My travel destination of choice is hmmm, if I am stressed I would say anywhere with a beach and umbrella drinks but I'm loving Jason's and my annual fall trip which can include hiking, apple orchards, pumpkin picking and anything these Midwest states have to offer in the fall. I love being out in nature where I feel closest to God and having Jason by my side makes it even better .

3. My favorite food is movie popcorn Yummmmmmm .

4. My happy place is running along the lake .

5. My favorite saying is "Be joyful in hope" .

6. My dirty little secret is I don't think I have any! I am an open book and tell all -- most of the time telling more than I should or more than anyone wants (or should) know! .

7. Something friends might say about me is that I can't think of anything...if you read this, won't you share with me what you'd say about me? .

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