July 15, 2011


This week has been super busy. I started my babysitting job last week so this was my first full week which means between that and class I had to be out of bed every day by 6:30. Poor me, right?! {said very sarcastically} Mornings have never been my friend, especially starting the week Sunday night by not getting to sleep until after 2:00am from the Dave concert. The babysitting has been going really well! Jack is super sweet, the hours work so well with my schedule, they live just a couple miles away and the family is wonderful!! (As Jack is sleeping on me right now! awwww)

Monday night I went to dinner with Beth to Uncle Julios, YUM. I am so thankful for the friendship that we have and any night at Uncle Julios is great for me! :)

Tuesday I did my first 5k of the season which was the Strike Out ALS at US Cellular. I wasn't able to run many times before it so certainly didn't feel like I was ready to do it but was so glad I did. Though it was the slowest run time I've ever done I was proud of myself for going out and doing it. I cannot believe my back still doesn't hurt!! The run was very unique, it started pretty boring because we ran around the parking lot which wasn't so bad with the run heading toward the beautiful Chicago skyline but we had to do it twice so a bit redundant. The later part of the run was up the ramps to the upper concourse, that was brutal...I mean seriously we don't have hills in Chicago - my body didn't know what to do! Then we ran along the upper concourse and down to the field where we ran along the warning track, then had to run up the stairs (gag) to then run back down the ramps to the finish outside in the parking lot. Very unique! I even got to see 2 friends who also registered. One of my friends, Lisa, I haven't seen in about 3 or 4 years so was a lot of fun to catch up!
Christy and me before the race

Running toward the beautiful skyline

Blurring since I was running..not sure how the other one turned out

Along the warning track -- very cool!

Wednesday night was Small Group and me having to write a paper...so another busy night!

Yesterday I went up to Gurnee after class to visit my friend, Nikki who just had a second baby. We had a nice lunch and catching up together and was so nice to meet little Matthew and see Jake again. Feels like just yesterday that we were both working next to each other at ACS, us both not married and slaving away at ACS events...amazing how much has changed in just a few years for both of us!

Last night we went to our last Cubs game of the season at Wrigley Field. We got tickets to a game once a month and next month we're going to Milwaukee to see them play. We ended up not getting our September tickets because we have a wedding to go to instead. I cannot believe that very well may have been our last game of the season at Wrigley!! So sad. Plus if all goes well with selling our condo then it will be our last game as a Chicagoan. I can't believe it!! We had fun but the Cubs were sure to send us off with a loss. It was a painful game to watch.

Our seats were really good!! Thanks Uncle Dennis!!

Me and my honey doing what we love to do together!

Now I'm ready to bring on the weekend!! Happy Friday all!!

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