July 19, 2011

Love my Schedule!

I love my new schedule now that I have something going on every day! I love having to be up every day for class or to babysit. When I was initially laid off I spent over a year trying to find a job and that just wasn't going to happen. Then when I decided to go to grad school in the evenings I babysat during the day full time which at least helped pay the bills but that ended when I decided to go to school full time which was in the hopes of getting a "real" job that much sooner.

January through March I was taking four classes and the amount of work kept me very busy. But then last quarter I found out I wasn't allowed to take more than three classes and couldn't find a job to fit my schedule. These last few months have been so boring with my lack of structured schedule Lucky for me, I am finally in a position where work and school have fit so well together. The kicker, is that it only lasted four weeks...I'm already done with summer classes after next week!

I've really enjoyed having to go to bed at a decent hour because I have somewhere to be in the morning. Mornings haven't been enjoyable at all since I hate mornings but once I'm past that first hour or so, I have an extra skip in my step knowing I'm needed somewhere and have some responsibilities. I am so excited to know that there is the possibility of a job waiting for me at the end of what has seemed like a very long dark tunnel or "unemployment.". It will certainly take some getting used to, getting up every day and working full days again but I am so ready to have a "real job" with "real responsibilities!!"

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  1. glad you're back on a schedule that you enjoy!