March 8, 2010

Wedding Details Update

Its been a lot of fun planning our wedding! There are limited resources for planning a destination wedding and most articles, websites and books that you'll find are so broad as the destination could range anywhere in the states, to Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Italy, England, etc. So there's not much guidance out there for our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico wedding!

So far, I've picked out my dress, ordered the bridesmaid dresses and Katie's flowergirl dress, we've registered (so fun!), decided on what the guys will be wearing (that was quite the challenge!), and decided the menu, cake and flowers. We're working on some final details and logistics for the ceremony and reception. It's been interesting to try to write back and forth to our wedding coordinator in Mexico. There's always a day or 2 (sometimes much longer) turnaround and many emails will go back and forth before we finally get the answer we originally asked. Nothing is free, so when they say, "oh yes, sure you can have that!" we find out later it comes with a hefty we need to be careful. We still have a lot of planning to do for our local reception but I'm sure it will fall into place soon enough.

It's been so much fun planning with Jason! I cannot wait to marry him and spend the rest of our lives together! Just 193 Days!

Don't think I've posted our wedding website on here here and then please sign the guestbook if you haven't already! :)

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