March 26, 2010

Downsized...then Upsized!

I have always carried a big purse. I got into the habit when I was living downtown because when you're not driving everywhere you really need to carry a lot of things with you. So I was out purse shopping the other night to replace the one I was using that was literally ripped on the side and had everything imaginable spilled in it at least once. I decided that since I was technically back in the burbs, I was going to downsize and picked out a cute one that still had long enough straps to put over my shoulder.

It was only 2 weeks later that I decided I was no matter how badly I wanted it, I'd never be a small purse kinda girl again. Jason and I were out shopping for ideas of what the guys will be wearing as groomsmen and I happened to pass a purse that I loved. I stopped long enough to touch it but then kept walking since I obviously just bought a purse and don't "need" another. But after we got into the car and drove away, I said to Jason, "Man, I really loved that purse, I should have bought it..I have gift cards in my wallet, so it really would only cost $9.00." And before I knew it, he was driving me back to the store. (I wonder if I had done this in the past and complained a lot or something that he decided to immediately drive me back??) I used my gift cards and some birthday money and am so excited to have my big purse back! I can fit everything and anything into water bottle, wallet, lip gloss, lotion, change purse, journal, my gym lock, whatever book or magazine I may be reading, headphones, I even had a bra in there from one time when I was changing after the gym! (TMI?? ;) There is no limit to what that purse can carry, I can only imagine what I'll be carrying when I have kids and need a diaper bag if my purse is already this big! (and I wonder why I have knee problems!)

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