March 17, 2010

Prayer Partner - Katherine Grace

This post is over a month late but is still definitely sharing. Susan and Michael (Andrew's parents) asked me another one of Kate and Andrew's babysitter, Jen, to be Kate's "Prayer Partner." For the non-denominational church, babies are dedicated and not baptised and rather than God parent's, the babies have Prayer Partners who promise to pray every day for a year (or longer.) Jen and I both attended the service that precious Kate was dedicated at and were able to pray for her with her family. It was a very special time for Kate. I am very excited to see what God has in mind for her as she grows!

*In Kate's situation, she was also baptized as a Lutheran and has God parents as well. :)
**I got some really cute pictures from that day but cannot get them off Kodak Gallery, so just use your imagination. :)

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