March 9, 2010

I love daffoldils

I love daffodils, love them. Seriously they are so inexpensive and the most spring-like flower. Just place them in some water and within 24 hours they've "popped" into beautiful flowers shouting "Spring is Here!" (or almost!)

Every year I am a pre-sales coordinator for Daffodil Days, which is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Basically they have all sorts of daffodil packages you can choose from and then flowers get delivered by yours truly around this time in March. It's a great program and I love supporting such a great cause while also making people happy when they receive their beautiful flowers. My favorite choice is that you can purchase a "gift of hope" which delivers a bunch of daffodils to someone who is receiving cancer treatments. What a neat way to brighten someones day! However, this year I completely forgot and no one from ACS called to remind me, so I never got to sell or buy my daffodils! The other night I saw them at Dominicks, grabbed some and popped them into water. The next day they were blooming and bright yellow! And guess what? Today is supposed to reach 60 degrees! I think Spring really is here! Wishful thinking, right? Oh well for today, me and my daffodils can pretend and enjoy the weather while it's here!

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