March 18, 2010

Back to School

I have officially been accepted to National-Louis University will begin grad school on April 5 at to obtain my Masters of Arts in Teaching Special Education. AHHHH! I met with the Special Ed adviser up in Wheeling today and will be taking the part-time guaranteed sequence out at the Lisle campus. I am not required to stay in the part-time sequence or at the Lisle campus but if I decide to stick with part-time I have the guarantee to be done with classes in 24 months. (I can only go part-time now with my unemployment benefits, so this will likely change if I can get a job or am no longer receiving unemployment) Though I feel like I have been talking about this forever and spent a lot of time taking the required tests and submitting the million transcripts of all the schools I've attended, I also cannot believe I will be starting in a just less than 3 weeks.

Little did I know that when I was laid off last year that this would be where my life would take me! I am pretty nervous about going back to school and even more nervous about what this will do to my financial situation but I am confident that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Starbucks and Argo Tea, it's been a while but here I come to spend many, many, many hours with you!


  1. qHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ths is me freaking out. see you in 15 mins to give you a hug of congrats!