January 16, 2010


Jason and I spent most of Saturday at (stay tuned for store name) registering for our wedding gifts!! When I say most of Saturday, I really mean SIX hours! We went in thinking we'd just get started and spend a couple hours but six hours later with achy feet and empty stomachs, we had completed the registry. We had a lot of fun picking everything out. Both Jason and I have a lot of stuff to combine but a lot of my stuff is from college and being that he is a boy, he doesn't have matching towels, decorative bathrooms or any color in his place so there is definitely room for a girl's touch. Jason and I have a hard time making the smallest decisions together. What to eat each night is a constant battle of, "I don't care, what do you want?" until one of us finally has to decide. I figured registering would be just as difficult, but we worked so well as a team!! (or maybe I cared more about what color towels we have than what we eat for dinner? LOL) We will be registering at one or two more places. Hoping it doesn't take us as long as the first but either way, I love every second of this wedding stuff!

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  1. Fun!!!! So glad you two were a great team! I am sure that made the experience that much better!