January 5, 2010

Go Hawkeyes!

I've never liked the Hawkeyes. Matter of fact, I would go as far to say they were my least favorite college team, and I don't even watch college ball, so that's saying a lot. The reason for my strong feelings is that everywhere you go in Chicago there are Iowa fans. And they all think they rule Chicago. I went to a Cubs game with my dad a couple years ago and we get there to find out that half the stadium is full of Iowa fans because it's some "Iowa Day" or something. (Northern Illinois University was playing Iowa at Soldier Field the following day) Everyone there was wearing gold and black for Iowa and that almost put me over the edge. Who goes to a Cubs game and wears a different sports teams colors (unless you're the opposing team?) Obviously Iowa fans did!

Well about a year after that Cubs game, I started dating Jason. Jason is from Iowa. Jason is a Hawkeyes fan. Jason was also at the Cubs game with a bunch of friends who were sporting yellow and black! I have had a hard time with this. Our first Christmas together, Jason bought me my own yellow Hawkeyes t-shirt to rub it in a little more. Isn't he sweet? From there on, it's been a little joke about the Hawkeyes. He's given me an Iowa item each year at Christmas so I am now the proud owner (and wearer) of 2 sweatshirts, one sweatpants and one t-shirt. However, I still haven't given in to calling myself a fan.

Tonight the Hawkeyes played in the Orange Bowl at 7:00 but I had an interview at 6:00. It was this afternoon, that I finally realized I was disappointed I would miss part of the game! I've always told Jason that as soon as we're married, I will make it official and become a full-blown Hawkeyes fan. It'd be different if I had a college team who I loved, but since I don't I'll (secretly) admit I'm kinda liking the Hawkeyes!

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  1. Me too! I am a Hawkeye fan by default as well. :) It is actually fun to watch the games, I just wish I knew a little more about football. Did you see who they play for their first game next year - Eastern Illinois University! I will be sporting my EIU gear for that one just to get everyone riled up. Otherwise though - GO HAWKS!!