January 6, 2010

No Texting and Driving

No texting while driving. I knew this was inevitable. I'll be the first to admit that I do a lot of texting while driving...and emailing and facebooking, and internet searching... But I also know the hazards of this and the reason for the law. I am completely FOR this law and am going to do my best to avoid getting any tickets for this. It's just that I am in the car ALL the time driving back and forth to Chicago usually during very slow traffic and I get bored! Or if I am really good, I'll make it through all the traffic but then once I hit a red light, I'll cave and have to respond to a text or research whatever it is that has popped into my head on that 2 hour drive. My car is at a stand-still...I'm not going to hit anyone. But even then, it is now illegal. I am doing my absolute best and hope by the middle of the month I'll have completely worked out all my needs to do anything phone related until my car is parked and I'm no longer in the driver seat. Wish me luck.

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  1. Please Help Spread the Word.

    Based on Ashlei's comment below furthers my argument, that banning is only 1 part of the solution. We must provide a solid alternative, that will satisfy our need to communicate at any given moment. Let's just do it responsibly.

    "I don't think it'll stop people from texting," said Ashlei Smith, of Bourbonnais. Smith could say this in earnest
    because she had a car crash in May while texting, but stated that she does not plan to curb her texting.

    Can you help spread the word---
    I see tons of sites talking about the problem, but I have not see any offering solutions other than banning. We know that instituting bans will have some effect, but I say let's provide an alternative. So lets use technology to combat technology... check out this youtube video FDIVoice or visit FDI Hands Free